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'Bite-Size' Coaching

These are single sessions

  • Unsure what coaching could do for you!? Want to try it? This is for you!
  • Have a single challenge that you want to discuss with someone? This is a great place to start! 
  • This a focused 45 min session where we explore any aspect of your health or life that you choose 
  • Perfect option if you just periodically need a little 'tweak' in mindset to function your best!!
  • $110 / 45 minute session
  • Examples of how to use this coaching option:
    • You have a defined an amazing goal but can't seem to get started
    • Some life challenge has you feeling overwhelmed 
    • You have noticed there is some thought or feeling getting in the way of what you want for your health or wellbeing
    • The possibilities are endless: relationships, career decisions, mindset, personal achievements, etc
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Coaching Packages


  • Take control of your health, your life!  You determine the agenda - I help guide you! Let's find that extraordinary life you want!
  • 60 minute Initial Coaching Session followed by  4 - 45 min Coaching Sessions - focused on your health and wellbeing (ideal scheduling at weekly or biweekly intervals)
  • Review past and present health with focus on lifestyle factors (nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, and your support systems)
  • Let's work together to define your long term vision for your health, wellbeing, and life
  • Strategically define short term goals with discussions of challenges and barriers, including mindset
  • 'Coaching Journal' workbook provided to guide the process
  • Access to 7 day / week "chat" with Dr. Hardacre
  • FREE Discovery Calls available if you want to learn more
  • Appointments take place via the HIPAA secure telehealth platform Healthie
  • Package cost: $500 - continued coaching packages available as well 
  • Payment arrangements can be made
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  • Wildly Better - a platform with monthly topics presented via Zoom, accompanying resources 
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