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About Madeline Hardacre MD


I am a physician, board certified in gynecology and lifestyle medicine. More importantly, I am a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I coach clients using evidence-based techniques  to explore habit and lifestyle changes (nutrition, activity, stress management) to prevent disease and promote wellness.

I am passionate about coaching patients to achieve long-term change.


I understand the challenges of a busy family life. With a  physician husband and 3 children (now teens and young adults), I appreciate the struggle that unfolds when we try to juggle the schedules and family obligations while also prioritizing our health.

I work with my clients to develop manageable strategies regardless of what else is going on in their life.


I practice what I preach when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I am a strong advocate for the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

I am an avid distance runner and plants fuel me for all of my running adventures on the trails of Tahoe. 

I LOVE to share recipes and tips! For more info please join my  Private Facebook Group

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