Mastering the Middle Years

Learn to Master your Midlife in 7 Weeks

If you are a woman, in your 40’s, 50’s, or even 60's, looking to feel empowered with your life and health, this is for you! Are you wanting exciting new chapters ahead? No longer want to feel stuck in the midlife rut that many women describe?  I have the roadmap for you - filled with tools and strategies for all of the obstacles!

Many of us know that there is so much awesomeness out there for our lives. There are dreams yet to be realized. There are fun new chapters to write. But change feels hard and uncomfortable. We find fear and doubt in our minds rather than joy and excitement and so stay in our safe default mode. We will work together to embrace this discomfort and recognize the important role it plays in our growth. 


By the end of this program...

  • You will have clarity and confidence regarding what you want for the second half of your life. You will identify what you value, what is really important to you. To live intentionally in our middle years - we must know where we are going … we must have some ideas of what we want out of our life 3, 5, 10 years down the road.
  • You will be knowledgeable about the physiologic changes that occur in midlife women that increase the risk of chronic disease and the incredible role lifestyle plays in our midlife physical and mental health.  Understand topics such as menopausal weight gain, the importance of physical activity, how to have a discussion with your provider about hormones, etc.
  • You will recognize the beautiful opportunity we have at this point in our life. We have such a great understanding of our strengths, we have so many life experiences that have shaped us, we can design a life based on that sense of thriving and purpose that ultimately brings us joy!
  • You will know how to confidently coach yourself to achieve any goal, change any habit, or dispel any limiting belief. You will understand the behavior science of why your brain creates drama around change, commitment, discomfort, etc. - it is NOT that you are lazy, it’s that you are human. The human brain does this and you will learn how to take control.

"The Mastering the Middle Year Years program was exactly what I needed to get reinvigorated about everything in my life. Instead of feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with changes during this time in my life - I feel knowledgeable and prepared with tools to help me achieve whatever goals I put my mind to."

- M.T.

"I have been grateful to be a part of Women's Health Elevated's Mastering the Middle Years program and WOW! Absolutely love it. Madeline has so much knowledge and truly guides you to find the best within you!"

- M.S.

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Mastering the Middle Years - at Dolce Vita


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  • 7 Weekly, Small Group, Coaching Sessions
    • These meet in-person at beautiful, new Dolce Vita Wellness Spa at Village of Rancharrah in Reno,  NV
    • Starting Monday October 11th, 6:30 - 7:30pm
    • Dates include: 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, 11/22, 11/29
  • Workbook and online course content to guide conversation
  • 1 One-on-One 45-Minute Coaching Session via Telehealth

What’s Inside Mastering the Middle Years?

  • A workbook carefully designed to guide our discussions
  • A detailed ‘roadmap’ to guide you through the course content. Designed to take 7 weeks but access to all content available from the beginning 
  • A video discussion of every workbook page.  I walk you through all of the thought processes and help you practice all of the skills important for optimal results
  • Weekly goal setting and goal review so you not only learn about behavior change you are truly practicing and making it happen!


Week 1

During the first week, you will be setting an amazing foundation for the rest of the course

  • Explore and identify your strengths and values
  • If better life balance is desired, I will guide you through an exercise to define what that would look like
  • Develop YOUR vision of wellness
  • Determine your focus, your goal to pursue for the next 6 weeks


Week 2 

We start learning all about goal setting, habit change, commitment, and why these are such a struggle. 

  • Explore how to design goals that work for you and why prior goals may have not
  • Start learning the behavior science behind why we develop doubt, discomfort, and fear when we commit to something new


Week 3

This week gets you excited and focused on lifestyle and self-coaching techniques! You can truly make any vision you have for your midlife happen with these 2 topics!

  • Through ‘Implementing Lifestyle’ - you will explore nutrition, sleep, stress, physical activity, relationships, intimacy, and more!
  • You will gain an understanding of how our thoughts create our reality. We develop thoughts and beliefs about our life which ultimately lead to our results. Start practicing the thoughts of the future YOU now.


Week 4 

If the topic of menopause interests you - this week is for you! Understand what it is, the common symptoms, what to expect, and how this time in your life is related to your overall health and risk of disease.


Week 5

During week 5, you will learn about healthy tips and tricks for weight loss - and all about prioritizing our own physical and mental health!

  • No fad diets here - it’s all about long-term sustainable change! 
  • Most importantly, this week is about how we love, talk to, and care for ourselves. Learn why any change we desire must start with feelings of love and self-compassion - those are not feelings that develop after the result is achieved, they are the feelings that CREATE the result!


Week 6

The final week is all about looking back and moving forward -

  • Celebrating a successful 6-week goal or identifying what you learned from the process of reaching for it.
  • Identifying the skills you have learned that helped you. 
  • Discovering what you have learned about yourself.  
  • Thinking about how to now move forward and apply this information to a new goal! 
  • What is the next step - toward that vision of wellness!?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Mastering the Middle Years Coach: Madeline Hardacre, MD 

I am a board-certified physician in gynecology and lifestyle medicine.

I am also a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach and student at the Life Coach School. My passion is advising patients using evidence-based lifestyle changes (nutrition, activity, stress management, etc.) to prevent or treat the root cause of chronic disease and promote wellness.

Women in their middle years have specific wellness needs.

I have noticed that many women this age that I coach or know are simply lacking the tools, techniques, and support that would allow them to really THRIVE during these years.

Our middle years do not have to revolve around hot flashes and weight gain. We can feel good. We can love ourselves. And we can set new goals and have the energy to achieve them! 

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