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Why Midlife is a Perfect Time to Work with a Coach!

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021



“Our health system is providing access to health coaches...what do you think they do?” My husband recently asked me this. My husband. A physician and the husband of a certified health coach. 🤣 The question confirmed what I had been thinking...many people still aren’t sure what health coaches do and how they can benefit from one! 

So, what is a coach? A health coach? A life coach?

The key principle of coaching is to help you work toward the future. Coaching is not therapy, you are not rehashing your past struggles, relationship, or failures. You are making decisions and finding a path to help you be successful with the goals you set for yourself. 


To answer my husband’s question (and perhaps yours) coaches work with people to help them live their healthiest lives. This is done using evidence-based information on nutrition, activity, and lifestyle and determining what works based on an individual's specific strengths and life circumstances. For example, a 16 year old girl is going to have different needs, goals, and strategies than a 48 year old woman. 


There are coaches that specialize in literally anything you want help with. If you have a goal, there is likely a coach who can help. Want to start a business? Hire a business coach. Want better marketing? Hire a coach to help you develop your brand or improve your social media voice. Struggling with your relationship with your teen? There are teen coaches and relationship coaches. Coaches are an amazing network of experts who have studied specific needs, phases of life and ways to help people accomplish their individual dreams and goals. 

How do you choose a coach?

  1. Start by identifying what you want help with? That will help you identify what type of coach you want.


  1. Ask friends that have worked with coaches. Even if that coach may be a business coach and you are looking for a health coach - chances are that coach will have some recommendations for you.  We are a supportive and tight knit community! 


  1. Check out different coaches' social media and get a feel for their vibe. Many offer free discovery calls and offer free content at times. Check it out and schedule a call! 


  1. Take a look at their past experience, training, and current offerings. Does it fit what you are looking for? Do you want one-on -one help with something or do you like the dynamics of a group? Or maybe you would like an online course - many have those too!! 

How does your coach help you reach your dreams?

  • Helps define your goals. The first step is usually helping you define your dream. They will ask questions and help you determine what exactly you are working toward. Even if you’re not yet sure, your coach will help guide you in figuring it out.  
  • Helps identify your strengths. Coaches will help you identify your strengths and what you value. They will help you identify your superpower. When you are working with your superpowers and know what is guiding you, the path to reach your dream becomes more attainable!
  • Helps find your blockers. Coaches figure out why you haven’t already reached your goals. Most of us have a host of beliefs that are limiting us! The great thing is these are not actually facts. BUT we need someone to shake things up and call ‘bull****!’ on all of those things holding us back. Coaches will do this! For example, I worked with one client to assist her in her weight loss. One day she said, “I know I can’t lose weight”. This was not actually a fact. It was just what she believed as a fact!! This simple belief completely explained why she sabotaged herself week after week! We worked to change the belief -- and in turn, change her weight! 
  • Helps design workable strategies. Coaches also help you get to the bottom of some of your challenges and help you design strategies around those. Many coaches are well trained in the way our brain works and use that behavioral science to help you understand why you struggle. Our brains are fantastic at creating drama when we are trying to do something new! 
  • Provides accountability. Lastly, coaches will hold you accountable. Accountability makes a huge difference when you set out to make changes. With a coach, you have someone who is going to not only be there to hold you accountable -- but will be there to celebrate each small or big win along the way!


Why midlife is a great time for a coach

I coach women to help them reach their optimal health and wellbeing and have a particular interest in the wellbeing of midlife women.  Midlife is the perfect time to take charge and make your life what you really want. I’ve found that as women reach a certain age (myself included) they are done running on a hamster wheel that takes them nowhere. They are ready and experienced enough to take charge and make their life look how they have always wanted! 

 Whether it’s a commitment to a new wellness plan, a career change, a new fitness goal, or any other big lifestyle change -- women in their middle years are actually finding amazing successes with coaches. 

Using the strategies described above, I work with many women in their 40’s and 50’s to pinpoint exactly what they want for this prime time in their life. Sometimes it’s something very specific. Other times it’s more about enriching many areas of their life -- which supports them in multiple goals. 

Whatever your age, current circumstances, and dreams -- consider setting yourself up for success by working with a coach. We don’t think twice about young athletes having coaches...but people of all ages can benefit from a skilled expert on their side. I encourage you to reflect on how you feel and whether you’re making the most of your beautiful life. If you can’t answer with 100% -- consider a coach to help you hit your goals! 


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