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Interested in Weight Loss? Let's Focus on Mindset Not the Scale!


Interested in Weight Loss? Let’s Focus on Your Mindset and Not Your Scale! 

5 Key Mindset Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

When clients ask me for help with weight loss my goal is to help them find healthy, sustainable changes that work in their life. There is no cookie-cutter approach despite what producers of weight loss products or promoters of fad diets would have you believe. 


I have spent a number of the Wildly Better chats focused on what to eat for optimal health (and I coach people with that too). But, here’s the thing...many people know what to eat (and there are lots of healthy diets) but what is getting in their way is their thoughts about themselves, their thoughts about food, and their beliefs about what they can (or cannot) do.


The challenges with weight often lie more in how we use food in our life. Specifically, many people are using food not as fuel but for pleasure and to manage their emotions.


Too many people jump into...

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Why Midlife is a Perfect Time to Work with a Coach!




“Our health system is providing access to health coaches...what do you think they do?” My husband recently asked me this. My husband. A physician and the husband of a certified health coach. The question confirmed what I had been thinking...many people still aren’t sure what health coaches do and how they can benefit from one! 

So, what is a coach? A health coach? A life coach?

The key principle of coaching is to help you work toward the future. Coaching is not therapy, you are not rehashing your past struggles, relationship, or failures. You are making decisions and finding a path to help you be successful with the goals you set for yourself. 


To answer my husband’s question (and perhaps yours) coaches work with people to help them live their healthiest lives. This is done using evidence-based information on nutrition, activity, and lifestyle and determining what works based on an individual's specific strengths and...

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Summer Vibes - Finding Our Best, Healthiest Self - Summer 2020

Improving your health while enjoying your summer in 2020
Heading into summer this year feels different than years before. With the appearance of COVID-19 everyone’s lives changed - some more than others. One thing we all have in common is that we need to make our health a priority. Chronic diseases are able to be prevented, treated and sometimes even reversed by implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and minimizing chronic disease, you increase your ability to recover from viruses and increase your ability to focus on the other priorities in your life. These may be family, faith, work, activism - whatever it is that brings your life meaning. Start by focusing on your health.
So, how do you start? A simple starting point is to consider two main areas; activity and food.
1. Move more, sit less. Think back to a summer that you can remember feeling really good. Picture a time when you had energy and felt confident in your...
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Planning an Active Vacation

What is an active vacation, how do I plan one...and will I still return refreshed?
Editor's note: Traveling and vacationing looks different right now due to COVID-19. Everyone should continue to follow evolving CDC guidelines surrounding the pandemic. The following info is shared with the acknowledgement that some vacations are currently being postponed or modified.. However, planning, prepping and having something to look forward to is a great mental health exercise and mood booster. While you continue to do your part to stay healthy, don’t hesitate to have fun planning for a time when more options are once again realistic.
Most of us dream of or typically plan vacations which involve turning off our phones and disconnecting while lying on a beach and drinking mai tais. These types of vacations are valuable mental and physical breaks that we all need. However, there are many advantages to finding ways to be active while still taking time away from home and work. An active...
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Emotional Eating - How to Walk Away from the Cupboard

I just added Strategies for Emotional Eating to The WHE Classroom!
I had no idea when I started thinking about putting together a class on emotional eating several weeks ago, how pertinent it would be now. COVID-19 “stay at home” orders have been active now for a month and I find myself struggling with this more than ever. The pantry is all too convenient. When my kids snack I find myself joining in. All of the evenings and weekends at home have resulted in more baking than usual. I had forgotten how delicious fresh banana bread is! From the looks of social media, I am not the only one experiencing this.
Emotional eating is one of the most common complaints of women I see. So many people find that they struggle with eating as a method to provide comfort in some way. If you are challenged by this you are NOT alone! I feel like it’s an issue that doesn't get addressed frequently enough. Many women have long histories of chronic yo-yo dieting and failed attempts...
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Back to School 2020

Calling all moms!! We’ve got this!
My youngest child starts 10th grade next week. Actually no, we were notified today that it will start the following week. Hmm .. So does that mean we go a week later next summer? Do we miss a holiday? Or have we thrown those 180 required days out the window? I have no idea!
I do know that this last minute change in the schedule is actually FANTASTIC for me! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get her to and from school since I will be driving my middle child 800 miles and moving him into a freshman dorm for his first year of college. We have a 2 hour window 7 am - 9 am to make that magic happen. Secretly, I’m glad it is one of my 2 sons - if it were my daughter - 2 hours would simply not be enough time for all of the decor, LED lights, pillow shams, perfectly chosen and placed Polaroids of the high school gang. does this 2 hours work? Sounds like I hurriedly drop him and his stuff off and we say our goodbyes - COVID...
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