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Madeline Hardacre, MD


Optimal Health and Well-being  

For women of all shapes and sizes


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The Weight is Over ...


Our health is complex. It is not defined by a single data point (our weight).

Feel empowered with your daily decisions.

Nourish your body with food filled with love and movement that brings joy.

Master your mindset around life's challenges.

Love your self and know your self-worth.

It's amazing what the body does when you give it the right environment.

I help you reach your health goals all while recognizing there are answers beyond weight loss. 

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My methods

Three paths with one goal:

Lifestyle Medicine
Health Coaching
Life Coaching

Nice to meet you!


Hi! I’m Dr. Madeline Hardacre.


I work with women to optimize their health and wellbeing, with success being measured in so many beautiful ways not just a number on the scale.


Have you spent your life thinking weight loss was your only answer ... only to realize what you really want is to live a healthful life and feel good about yourself?


I teach you how to find your healthiest self and be able to look in the mirror and say "WOW!".


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This private group is designed to develop a sense of community among women with the common goal of developing connection around health and lifestyle.

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Wildly Better

This FREE quarterly virtual goal-setting workshop  is a perfect place to get to know others in the Women's Health Elevated Community, participate in celebrating successes and strategizing challenges.

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